last update 2018-03-22 01:15

Biolab Disaster

A nintendo-styled game built using HTML5. Works great on Opera, not so good on Firefox nor Chrome, and as for Internet Explorer don't even bother firing it up for this.

Biolab Disaster formulates the playable truth that it makes sense to create games for HTML5. Not only is the result on par with current Flash games, but also is the development process incredibly smooth and satisfying. The hurdles that a new technology such as HTML5 sets, were already overcome by the game engine. For the development of the game itself, I didn’t have to deal with any browser or platform issues at all.

Play the game or read the developer's post on how the game was built and how web browsers behave on drawing the canvas and the OGG vs. MP3 issues related to it.

Biolab Disaster: Game / Blog Post