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Piclens es un plugin para Firefox, Internet Explorer y Safari que permite hacer busquedas de imagenes y videos a pantalla completa y en 3D. Pudes ver albumes en facebook, myspace, flickr, picasa y hace busquedas en google images, lleva ya un tiempo circulando en internet (yo lo utilizo desde hace 3 meses) y me parece bastante bonito y util. La ultima version puede ademas navegar en youtube y mostrar los videos, lo que lo hace aun mejor.

En palabras puede que no signifique mucho, por eso dejo el video a continuacion:

En Firefox funciona a la perfeccion tanto en Mac como Windows, pero en Safari (Mac) no muestra aun las galerias en 3D, aunque planean incorporarlo proximamente. Con respecto a mi navegador favorito pues aun no tienen disenada una extension ni nada similiar. Malo malo. Les escribi la semana pasada (20 de mayo) al respecto:

you should make piclens available for opera. i used it on mac and its awesome, but I don't like to use firefox just for piclens.
you should also develop some way of showing current picture's information, like the name, filesize and dimensions.
at last, an easy way to use it in order to see pictures stored on the computer. i usually browse my pictures folder with FF so piclens can load de image, but there should be a simpler and nicer way like a standalone app.

Respondieron bastante rapido, dos dias despues, de forma bastante detallada. Despues de esa respuesta me dio un poco de pena haber escrito tan mal mi solicitud. El email que me llego dice textualmente:

Thank you so much for your kind words and for using PicLens! We really appreciate you taking the time to send us your thoughts.

Opera support is definitely something we want to add, but its timing is not yet clear due to our current resource constraints. We're still optimizing the image engine, fixing some bugs, etc. on the current version. We're trying to make sure the current platforms are fully stabilized and robust as desired before adding platforms. But hang in there – we want to make it happen!

You bring up an excellent point about how we could improve PicLens in the future. We would definitely like to consider your idea to add more metadata. Desktop functionality is under consideration but the timing is uncertain, as we're still focused on trying to optimize web features first. We also plan to add a load of new features in the coming months, including options to save and share images, among others, so be sure to stay tuned! If you would be willing to volunteer as a beta tester I can send you our latest updates, which may include these and other features as soon as we are able to incorporate them. This way you will be able to use them long before we release them to the public! If you would be interested just forward this email to [email address] and I'll get you all set up. :)

Thanks again for your support, and keep sending us your ideas. We love hearing from you!

Kindest Regards,
Meg & The PicLens Team

Pues que mas me toca esperar. Quizas venga de regalo de navidad o algo. Ya me apunte de beta tester (mala costumbre mia), lo que me obliga a usar firefox un poco mas seguido. Es comico como han copiado estos varias funciones de Opera… Sin querer entrar de nuevo en a guerra de browsers recomiendo entonces PicLens. La descarga es gratuita y segura, corre bien en IE7 y FF2.