Blog: December 2016

Wardrobe Malfunction

When you run out of clean underwear so your only option is going commando and after you go out you realize (via a third-party observation, obviously) that your zipper slider is down and everything is out in the open.

  1. Shower thoughts is a new section/category I came up with (unsurprisingly) while in the shower. Not long ago (a few days really) I realized I come up with the greatest stuff while taking a shower, which got me thinking I might become a genius if started taking over 3 showers a day. I also realized those waterproof notepads I saw online a while ago make total sense. Last but not least, after googling 'shower thougts' this subreddit came up and I thought it was worth mentioning.
  2. None of the above has ever happened to me (in sequence, at least) but would've been hilarious and embarrassing at the same time.


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