Is this the real life?

Doing things differently

Doing things differently is hard. Some years ago I read about the Dvorak keyboard layout somewhere and have always wanted to try it, but have never found a physical keyboard with such layout.

I believe in change, or at least I want to believe in change. I also believe in Muscle Memory. It just takes some time to do the same thing over and over until your brain rewires itself and what took some real effort to achieve becomes “normal”, so to say.

And it’s not like I’m discovering something new or anything. I remember learning to type on a PC by myself, as everyone I know, and it took me quite some time to “memorize” where each key was located at, but I eventually did, so I thought “why not give Dvorak a try?” and here I am. Read more…

En otra zona horaria

En ocasiones me como algo, un sandwich o ensalada, entre las 3:00 o 4:00 am, me duermo cerca de las 6:00 am y despierto en en algún punto entre las 11:00 am y las 2:00 pm. En base a esos números me puse a sacar cuentas y mis horarios están bien si consideras la separación de horas entre las actividades.

Levantándome a la 1:00 pm, tomo café y me como algo ligero si tengo animos de desayunar. Mi comida fuerte viene cayendo cerca de las 7:00 pm y me tomo un café al rato, a eso de las 9:00 pm. Ya mas tarde a la medianoche me baño y me pongo a leer en internet o ver series hasta dormirme. Read more…

Sobre el Markdown

Markdown o cómo escribir de manera mas eficiente El año pasado decidí comenzar a escribir mas seguido. Fallé. Pero me quedo la idea de algo interesante que podía hacer, utilizar una manera mas sencilla y natural de hacer las cosas.

Consegui la aplicación iA Writer para el iPhone y iPad. Fue genial. Eso de poder ponerse a escribir en un espacio limpio y claro sin tantos problemas me parece genial. No tienes que pensar en formato de texto, ni en clickear nada, básicamente te limitas a escribir. Sin mucha complicación y luego de aprender Markdown puedes hacer fácilmente texto en cursiva, en negritas o bold y hasta inclusco una combinación de ambas Read more…

I don't write

For some time I've been curious about markdown and how it might streamline my writing workflow. I enjoy writing, and the fact that I can write kinda fast (almost as fast as I think of the words) makes it easier. The thing is that I'm not writing as much as I used to. I barely write on my Twitter account (actually I do but not as often as I did a couple of years ago) and my blog, well, it's so dusty… I think I posted about 5 entries three years ago and about 4 were videos or photos.

Again, I DO like writing, as a matter of fact I might have about 20 drafts waiting to be published (after proofreading them) and I even like the new template I have on my blog, the one I'm always tweaking and working on. But for the most part Wordpress is the one to blame. Don't get me wrong. I think Wordpress is a really nice blogging and CMS option, I recommend it for my clients and use it quite often, but it has SO many options that I don't really care of. Read more…

My favorite speaker so far

BOSE SoundLink® Wireless Mobile speaker

I’ve always wanted an easy alternative to listen to music and internet radio. I really dig internet radio. But I also love internet music services, such as Grooveshark and Spotify. Wanting portability, good sound quality and connectivity, I set my eyes on Logitech and Grace Digital. I was almost certain that the Logitech Squeezebox Boom was what I needed. It looks nice, simple and even kinda retro, but the pricetag was way above what I was willing to afford and the device is currently discontinued, so the only options were to get it aftermarket. The second most logical option was also from Logitech, the Squeezbox Radio. Way cheaper, portable and able to log into Spotify network. Charming. But never made up my mind after months (or even years), so I never bought it. Read more…